Oh God, it's been a month. I miss her so much, I love her so much. I wish I could fill this void in my heart.

Love Drawing


I want to be six feet under. Will I ever be six feet under? No, but I want to.

Love Drawing


I finished my first "full" week of highschool, and it wasn't that bad... other than the times I saw her at first and my heart melted. You know, on this day, exactly a year ago... we got together- officially partners. Oh, what'd I do to have that back... but enough about that. This weekend I'm planning to play a randomized ROM hack of Pokemon Ultra Moon, so that'll be fun. I was going to play it last week but I had some stuff to do.

Love Drawing


I am in such emotional distress right now! My crush texted me, telling me how sick of me she is, and how if I want to still be friends with her, I must change... and change I will! It just hurts a lot, having her scold me like that... and she won't accept any of my apologies. God, how can I even look at her now? I feel like a total failure! She shouldn't see me like this! Let's just hope that I'll be able to do something good for once and not mess it up...

Love Drawing


This was my first week of highschool, and man did it suck. I cried four times. I shouldn't be so weak, but here I am... it's not like anyone CAUSED it, I just have a difficult time, dealing with my poor mental state and being overwhelmed and getting stuck in my head... I wish I was stable.

Love Drawing

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