Ah yes, KMFDM, my favorite band. I first discovered them on June 18th, 2018, when Stray Bullet popped up in my recommended on Youtube after I watched some true crime stuff. Ever since then, I loved them. I listened to all their albums, and on every single one I always have a favorite song- excluding Opium, which I hate. I can name all their albums in order. My top three albums is Symbols [1997], Naive [1990], and Don't Blow Your Top [1988]. I also have a Symbols and Naive t-shirt, as well as a CD of Help Us, Save Us, Take Us Away. I would completely recommend listening to them.


What Do You Know, Deutschland? (1986) - Conillion - Man do I love this song. I love the hard hitting beats, the "loving can be an art" sample, it's just... a great song.

Don't Blow Your Top (1988) - Killing - This song is in German, so I do have a hard time understanding it. Nonetheless, Sascha's vocals are top-notch and the intro is amazing. There's also a sampling kit of this song on the same album, so I'd also recommend checking that out.

UAIOE (1989) - More & Faster 243 - I don't really listen to UAIOE but this song stands out. I love the instumental.

Naive (1990) - Liebesleid - Oh boy, Liebesleid. This album wasn't sold for a decade because they illegally used a sample from the 1930s cantata "O Fortuna". The album was recalled three years after release because of this. The song is also in German but I can understand it better because I've studied the lyrics. I love the lyrics, it being a story about love (in fact, the songs name is translated to "Love Song".) I love the chorus. Call me weird, but I can relate to this song...

Money (1992) - Vogue - Ah man, it's another song where I can relate to it, especially the first verse. I love the distorted guitar and the chorus.

Angst (1993) - A Hole In The Wall/Lust/Sucks - It's a three-way tie! I can't decide which song is the best. The Hole In The Wall has a sick instrumental. It's lyrics are Liebesleid but translated to English. Lust is another German song, and it's meaning is pretty obvious. Sucks is a satrical song, with the chorus being "KMFDM Sucks!". It caught on with fans, which is why if you go in the comment section of a KMFDM song (that ISN'T Megalomaniac, Godlike, Anarchy, Stray Bullet, Dogma, Son of a Gun, or Adios, god i fucking hate columbiners), you'll see people comment "KMFDM Sucks!".

Nihil (1995) - Brute - Ahh, this song brings me back memories. I remember playing The Plutonia Experiment, shooting at Pain Elementals with my rocket launcher with this song blasting in the background. Fun Times!

Xtort (1996) - Son Of A Gun - I love the music and the lyrics, especially the way Sascha yells "APOCALYSPE NOW!"

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